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May 13

In July come to the Run to Raton in 2019!


JP Rodman puts on a great event in Raton, NM called the Run to Raton. Lots of bikes, cars & mini bikes too. It starts on July 18th & goes until the 21st. There's camping in the area, great food, bands, good people in a small town setting. Raton is at 6500' so it's nice & cool to get out of the heat for a few days. Come one, come all!


New Posts
  • It's getting to be soon, here's a video link for you to watch with some good stuff. https://www.facebook.com/JoesMinibikes/videos/2415992505290846/UzpfSTQ2NjUzMjM4MDAyNTY3ODpWSzoyNDE1OTkyNTA1MjkwODQ2/
  • SUNDAY June 23rd is the GTS tournament in Lancaster AV. This is a 1/4 mile event, and the winner gets $1000. I will be there with 1 or 2 bikes to try and win. $20 to enter each bike. Anyone else claiming they fast, or can beat me is welcome to try. It should be a good turn out, at least 30 bikes, all going 80+mph. This is a small block tournament, they allowing all blockzilla versions, billet heads and billet small blocks allowed. Clutch only, so copy and paste or send this to anyone who think they have a fast bike and can win. Or anyone who claims they challenged me and I'm magically scared of them. I will be there 💯👍
  • This year it's from August 10th to the 16th in Wendover. Will be camping at the bend with the teardrop. Stop in to say hello if you're in the neighborhood. Lots to see & do, great people to talk with & the pits are amazing! We usually set up on the salt to watch, about half way between the pits & the fuel truck, so we can walk around, see the sights & watch the racing. There's no place like it on earth, amazing racing with incredible people.